If you got a problem, yo I’ll solve it.

Hi. I’m Dan Cutrona. I am a photographer. But you know that already. I borrowed a car to shoot my first assignment at the local newspaper when I was 17, and I haven’t put a camera down since. After photographing my fair share of car accidents and crime scenes, I realized I wanted to create pretty pictures. Over the past 20+ years (don’t do the math), I have photographed almost every square inch of Cape Cod. I consider Miami my home away from home, and have worked with many clients, commercial and editorial throughout Southern Florida.

I love what I do. I love walking into a space, absorbing it, and knowing that I can capture the light and essence of it to show the world. Making a space come alive, highlighting the way the light bounces, the angles, the craftsmanship of the architecture and design proves to be endlessly fascinating. I also love capturing people in these spaces. Environmental portraits constantly challenge me to try and make a picture that is worth way more than a thousand words.

Why me? Because I have an awesome camera and really expensive lenses and lights. And I care. It’s almost annoying. Yes it matters if the folds in that cashmere throw are not perfect. Yes, I have to move that chair three inches to the right, and yes, we have to move the couch. I will always work hard for my clients, and since my kids finally sleep through the night, I can safely challenge you to outlast my energy level on an all-day shoot. I take that energy and use it to interpret your vision, to create something in that moment, that will last forever.

I married the love of my life Amy in 2003 and we have been adventuring our way through life together ever since. We share our adventures with 3 kids who constantly teach us that the most sure thing in life is love, laughter and discovery of the unknown. We spend the majority of our time between Cape Cod and Miami chasing the sun and the sand, riding bikes and taking names.



Cape Cod ~ Boston ~ Miami